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In addition to the treatment of neck and back pain, sports injuries, musculoskeletal pain and arthritic pain, we provide a range of physiotherapy services geared towards specific conditions which include:

Clinical Pilates Matwork – This is a great option for people who have recently had surgery or are recovering from an injury.  It is also suitable for postnatal women and those with pelvic floor problems and prolapse.  Clinical Pilates  is run by an experienced physiotherapist with an additional qualification in Pilates matwork.    To find out more about the classes we offer click on the link above or call Karen on 0423033665. For enrolment details or to book online, follow these links 

Chronic Pain Management – Chronic pain is characterised by pain that persists despite adequate time for healing and is often defined as persistent pain lasting longer than 12 weeks. It requires a different approach to treatment of acute injury and is a highly specialised area often requiring liaison between many different health care providers. Our physiotherapists have been working in this area for more than 15 years and will provide a thorough assessment which will assist them in formulating a specific plan for chronic pain management.

Post-surgical Rehabilitation – With on site ultrasound imaging available for analysis of tendon, muscle, ligament and other soft tissue structures, we can provide tailored post surgical rehabilitation to get you back to top form as quickly as possible. We offer rehabilitation following ACL repair, complicated knee arthroscopy, shoulder surgery, joint replacement, prostatectomy, mastectomy, sling repair and a number of other surgical interventions.

Women’s Health – Karen Coburn is ahighly experienced in treating health issues that are common to women including pre and post natal care, pelvic girdle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sexual pain and dysfunction, cracked/painful nipples, mastitis, prolapse, continence isses and bowel dysfunction. Laser, therapeutic ultrasound, real-time ultrasound imaging and acupuncture are just some of the modalities we have available to assist in diagnosis and treatment of these conditions. She has been working in the area of Women’s Health and Continence for over 20 years and has completed further postgraduate training in the area of Continence Promotion and Management. Book online here

BikeFit  As a keen cyclist himself, Declan Coburn has combined his love of cycling with his intimate knowledge of biomechanics and the musculoskeletal system to offer a comprehensive BikeFit assessment.  This involves an in depth assessment of your bike setup and cycling equipment along with a musculoskeletal assessment both on and off your bike. You will receive an individualised programme and a detailed report to improve your ride. Book online here